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Explore The Area

Take a walk

on the seaside...

Don't miss the sunset! Take a walk on the seaside, watch the colours dance, smell the ancient history of Gumusluk. It's like a paradise.

Also you will find some cozy and great cafes and restaurants in here affordable for everyone. Not to mention the live music around!


Rabbit Island

Myndos is the ancient name of Gumusluk. So, do you know about Rabbit Island?

There're historical remains in the island. It's a small island which you can walk barefoot in the water to reach from the beach to the island.

Do you like

surfing or


If you enjoy water sports, here they are! Only a few steps away from Wanderheaven Camping, you will find places to surf!

Would you like to isolate from the crowd?

If you'd like to isolate for a bit, by yourself, with your friends or family,

there is a small island at the end of the coast. Enjoy the waves wildly wash the rocks. Kocadağ is just the place!

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